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GACZ Spring Vent Technology

What Are Spring Vents?

GACZ Spring Vent, a deaeration vent, comprises three parts: housing, stem and spring. The housing is set in the mould. A stem is fixed inside the housing and a spring is threaded around the pin. The spring makes sure that the vent is standardly in an open position. The vent closes down thanks to contact of the stem with the rubber mixture. Until the contact, the vent remains open thanks to which residual air escapes out of mould cavity. After the tyre is taken out of the press, pressure exercised on the stem is released and the vent opens up due to compression force of the spring.

Switchover from Minivents to Spring Vents

When you wish to switch from Minivents to GACZ Spring Vents, you need to solve out:

  1. Positioning of vents
  2. Vent type
  3. Number of vents

Positioning of Vents

Vents are positioned to places where air is usually closed up. Every such area must be deaerated to prevent origin of poor mouldings. In most cases, positioning of GACZ Spring Vents can be identical to positioning of Minivents. In order to optimize positioning of vents, GACZ has modulation software available in its R&D Centre to determine the best vent positioning. 

Spring Vents Type

Gottschol Alcuilux CZ manufactures GACZ Spring Vents directly in its manufacturing plant and therefore it can supply vents tailored to specific customer requirements. As needed by customers, outside diameter or lift height of vents are adjusted and modified most frequently. Our further advantage as a direct manufacturer lies in our fast response to customer requirements and very short delivery periods worldwide.

Yet another advantage is our potential to change production very fast or to modify products as required by our customers.

Our standard offer includes:

Various Types of Outside Diameters of Spring Vents

GACZ’s production is not limited to the above specified diameters; these are only the most commonly used standard types. 

Spring Vents Lift Sizes

The size of stem movement is understood as the difference between the upper part of the housing and the upper part of the stem in an open position; stem movement is manifested as an interval needed to close the vent. The vent needs to close down before rubber leaks in. The size of stem movement depends on viscosity degree of applied rubber mixture.

Number of Vents

The number of vents is connected with vent type and must assure that the necessary amount of air which is closed inside the tread pattern of the tyre is driven out. In cases where Minivents are replaced by GACZ Spring Vents, rough comparative calculation can be used to compare areas of venting sections for the Minivent and GACZ Spring Vent; see below an example comparing a Spring Vent of 3.0 or 3.2 mm outside diameter and a Minivent with an inner venting hole of 0.6– 1.2mm.

The calculation shows that the content of deaeration area is larger in the 3.0/3.2 Spring Vent than in the Minivent with the 1.0 mm or smaller deaeration hole.

Please make an inquiry if you wish us to prepare comparison for other diameters.

GACZ services include delivery of complete installation and maintenance documentation.

GACZ offers trainings in its R&D Centre or on customer’s premises.

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