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In 2014, Gottschol Alcuilux CZ spol. s r. o. has built a new R&D centre to test sipes and newly developed as well as adjusted existing types of spring vents. GACZ has an invaluable advantage in its being a sipe and spring vent manufacturer itself - thanks to that it may respond very quickly to needs of tire and mould manufacturers and test suitable solutions in its own production plant.

The R&D Centre contains all that is needed for that purpose; starting from CNC milling machines to produce segment miniatures through rubber twin cylinder to rubber press.

The R&D centre makes use of special software which permits to make full 3D simulations for the widest application scope of the pressing process and to optimize positioning of vents in the mould and, if needed, to make slight adjustment of mould design. All this thanks to the High-Performance Finite Volume Method (HPFVM) used by the software. The method represents and evaluates partial differential equations in the form of algebraic equations using the Gauss’s Theorem or the Divergence Theorem.

The 3D network making use of 3D calculation technology is very efficient in approximating simulation results to actual results because the 3D technology permits to capture actual phenomena during pressing – fountain flow with actual face of pressed mass, corner effect (closing of air at the edge upon a sudden change in thickness of mould walls), free flow into mould cavity, air temperature and pressure, etc. Such a simulation has a crucial impact on accuracy and feasibility of results. More than 85% of ordinary operating problems can be thus predicted and solved beforehand. Simulation results permit to adjust mould design before testing in production. Customers may get great financial and time savings upon launching new products to the market.

After the simulation, results are verified in the practice. A special diminished segment-size mould, incorporating simulation results, is manufactured. Specifically, e.g. numbers and positions of vents in the tire mould, together with impact of sipes on the flow of pressed material. Next step involves pressing-out of samples and subsequent analysis of pressed pieces in cooperation with the customer. If needed, new simulation may be made, together with adjustment of the test mould based on experience gained from previous testing.

Newly offered capacities of GACZ’s R&D Centre will enable us to examine unwanted phenomena appearing upon pressing in detail. Primarily, the results permit us to choose the best type of venting and to optimize the position of venting in the mould, and, if needed, to adjust mould design and, furthermore, to adjust processing conditions and shortening of period to launch the product to the market. Among other things, GACZ offers trainings in vent installation and maintenance in its R&D centre to all existing and potential customers. All this in order to maximize our clients’ profit and return of their investments.

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